pi-hole and BT Wholehome


I’ve installed pi-hole and set it up as a DHCP server as I have a BT Smarthub 2 so can’t change the DNS settings. Pi-hole is working well on the wired network. However, i also have BT Wholehome (three disc mesh type network) as the wifi network. The Wholehome discs have no internet connection with the pi-hole DHCP server running. I re-booted everything after setting up pi-hole and making the router changes.

Does anyone have pi-hole running alongside BT Wholehome?


I don't have the device but quick search suggests that you can disable the DHCP server on the device. You could do this and enable Pihole's DHCP server. It will automatically announce itself as DNS server in the DHCP replies.


I’ve already done that on the Smarthub and enabled DHCP on pi-hole. This is working. The problem I am having is with the BT Wholehome wifi mesh discs. Disc 1 connects to the router via wired ethernet. When i connect via wifi to the wholehome discs it says there’s no internet connection.

It seems like you're not the only one having trouble with the device and DNS

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