Pi-hole 5 - nice work!

Hi folks. Just a quick note to say a big thank you to the Pi-hole devs for the group management features in v5. I've had a problem for a while with using channel 5's catchup app on my YouView box with the Pi-hole DNS with default blocklists, which I have got round in the past by simply disabling the blocking while the catchup video player starts up and runs. I've now placed my YouView boxes into their own group with no ad blocking and the channel 5 app is working perfectly.

(And before anyone says it, I know the problem is caused by channel 5's YouView app, this is not in any way a complaint about previous versions of Pi-hole).

I'm alo really grateful to have Pi-hole blocking clickbait like taboola across my network. Web access on my phone is noticeably slower when I'm not connected to my own Pi-hole enabled wireless LAN, apart from the fact that I would rather not see the clickbait.

Keep up the good work :grin:


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