Pi.Alert: WIFI / LAN intruder detector complementary to Pi-hole

Hello everyone

I have created this complementary application to Pi-hole, that I think may be of interest to you.


WIFI / LAN intruder detector.

Scan the devices connected to your WIFI / LAN and alert you the connection of
unknown devices. It also warns the disconnection of "always connected" devices.

How it works

The system continuously scans the network for:

  • New devices
  • New connections (re-connections)
  • Disconnections
  • "Always Connected" devices down
  • Devices IP changes
  • Internet IP address changes

Scan Methods

Up to three scanning methods are used:

  • Method 1: arp-scan. The arp-scan system utility is used to search
    for devices on the network using arp frames.
  • Method 2: Pi-hole. This method is optional and complementary to
    method 1. If the Pi-hole DNS server is active, Pi.Alert examines its
    activity looking for active devices using DNS that have not been
    detected by method 1.
  • Method 3. dnsmasq. This method is optional and complementary to the
    previous methods. If the DHCP server dnsmasq is active, Pi.Alert
    examines the DHCP leases (addresses assigned) to find active devices
    that were not discovered by the other methods.

More info here: https://github.com/pucherot/Pi.Alert

Thank you very much

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What do you think about this application?

It looks good, but how do you add devices? Right now it only shows my internet connection.

Hi ncmoud

Devices are added automatically when you activate the netrowk scan with de cron job:
see: Pi.Alert/INSTALL.md at 2f9ccddd090319155ea325be344db2534d7a53e7 · pucherot/Pi.Alert · GitHub


anyone else has tried Pi.Alert?
any comments or suggestions?

Please use the discussion and issue trackers on GitHub.

Thank you.