Phishing Army - The Blocklist to filter Phishing


Hi Guys,
I’m happy to announce my new project to fight the Phishing!

You can find the Blocklist on:

I hope you like this project!


[UPDATE] The best blocking lists for the Pi-Hole + Alternative DNS servers 2019

Now the Blocklist also contains the domains reported by OpenPish, in addition to PhishTank! :+1:


Just added the normal blocklist. Thanks for the project, work and lists :+1:


first off thank you for the efforts.

how do i (install) use your list. i am a newcomer to linux and have a lot to learn like
cron job. you recommend changing the setting from weekly to daily. i am not getting this at all
here is what i have, what do i need to edit to get this to work as well?

52 4 * * 7 root PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin/" (there was more but i think this is what i need to edit)


Choose which one of the list you want to use, and copy their link (It should end with a .txt at their URL’s).

Adding it on Pi-hole could be done, directly on the web interface:

Go to the settings.

and then, simply go to the blocklist tab, and paste your list link, right at the end of the list. and click in the bottom right to Save and update gravity lists.


Thanks P-McNewHold for the exhaustive answer!


Thanks P-McNewHold!!