PFSense+PiHole Setup, can't get settings to properly work for DNS IPv6 among other things

The issue I am facing:

Perplexed as to how to setup PiHole and PFSense to work together, so firstly when I would set the DNS Servers in PFSense to point to PiHole, for IPv4- and then respectively for IPv6 under General Setup, DNS Servers, I also have Do not use the DNS Forwarder/DNS Resolver as a DNS server for the firewall checked there as well, when I had these settings when I preformed nslookup on my desktop it would state unknown server, and then just display the IPv6 address for PiHole, so this seemed to cause more of a lag when making queries, as I'm not sure what it's doing, I don't have unbound enabled in PiHole, it is enabled in PFSense, and I use DNS Resolver additionally with Forwarding Mode Enabled, DNSSEC Support enabled, Domain Overrides set to Pi.Hole. (it wouldn't resolve that address otherwise, it would come up with a NXDOMAIN error otherwise,
I need Resolver enabled as I also run pfBlockerng- yes there's that caveat but it adds another layer I want which seems to work without issue.

Also wondering in PFSense if Network Interfaces on General Settings under DNS Resolver should be set to All and if Outgoing Network Interfaces should be changed from "All"
System Domain Local Zone Type is set to Transparent.

So then here comes the IPv4 and IPv6 setup: in DHCP v4 - that's fine and dandy works and clients see it. Static IPs for everything on my network are set at the bottom.

For IPv6 (I'm using DHCPv6 Server & RA)
Range is ::1000 to ::2000
When I set PiHole's IPv6 Address in this section, it broadcasts it, but PFSense does not assign it (obviously because its not set as static, which is the issue, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to do it in PFSense, it broadcasts it's own IPv6 address and PiHole's that I inputted here but my issue is with Router Advertisements, it sets its own IPv6 address to the Raspberry Pi's MAC UDID but even that I can't assign a static IP nor am I sure how to change this in PiHole

Ultimately I need clarity from users who have experience with getting PiHole and PFSense to properly work together for IPv6, and what the best settings are for both to serve DNS Requests. THANKS in advance.

Details about my system:

My HomeLab is this: a Fitlet2 running PFSense exclusively
PiHole Running on a Raspberry Pi 4B
A Netgear XR500 Router which is now in AP mode

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:

In PiHole I've tried everything from just having Upstream DNS set to CloudFlare (all boxes checked for IPv4-6) I tried Listen only on interface eth0, also tried Listen on all interfaces (not sure if either of those even make a difference)

I've also eliminated CloudFlare from the Upstream DNS Servers in PiHole, and input my PFSense's IPv4 and IPv6 as the Upstream, I changed different options and combinations of Never forward non-FQDNs and Never forward reverse lookups for private IP ranges
And also tried conditional Forwarding when I had CloudFlare set as the upstream in PiHole (This however caused more issues it seems like) it wouldn't show any hostnames for example