Persistent cache size

Quick question: is it expected that the cache size in 01-pihole.conf is 'reset' to 10000 after the latest update?

I had mine at 0 (experimenting a bit) and noticed that the admin panel showed cache again on the donut charts. Changed back to 0 but wanted to ask just to be sure I'm not stopping certain new functionality (related to dnsmasq v2.85 or for instance the auto IP blocking mode).

As far as I know, a setting was added to /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf, instructing the installer / updater to use your preferred cache setting:


however DL6ER indicated here this branch (update/dnsmasq-v2.85)

thus, NOT sure the setting is functional, when not on the master branch...

What jpgpi250 said. It depends on if you overwrote the setting yourself (then expected) or if you used the CACHE_SIZE option in setupVars.conf (then not expected to reset).

Got it - was overwritten in 01-pihole.conf manually, not also changed in setupVars.conf.
Thanks to both!

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