Password for pre-configured Pi-Hole

I try ssh and it asks for a password to.. so have no way to reset password.. not sure what is meant by local login.. other than GUI but tried the pihole commands in it.. didn't work.. I must be missing something

thank you

The ssh login password is not the same as the Pi-Hole login password, unless you set it up this way.

As installed from a new Raspbian image, the default password for user pi is raspberry.

Most users change this after install, either with raspi-config utility or with a command such as sudo passwd pi

Thank you jfb but everywhere I try to go it shows password needed.. ssh and gui.. not sure what was meant by local.. I tried raspberry tried. I'm on a mac and terminal to it and tried a App on my iPhone called Termius nothing worked. Tried keyboard, mouse and HDMI to a monitor.. wants a password.. not sure where to go from here.. i had done what one user said and took the memory card out and added a blank ssh file to boot so I could ssh in the first place.. got a login instead of deny but wants password..

How were you able to install Pi-hole previously if you dont know user/password for Bash/desktop login or via SSH ?
If you lost those login details, only thing left is re-install Linux or hack your way in.
If its a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed, you could try the default username "pi" with password "raspberry".

Hi deHakkelaar,

I didn't install it .. Pi-hole all in one dark red box.. tried pointing to it's IP and blocked all traffic so have been trying to get access to it ever since.. it has never worked.. bought new.

Ask the people from whom you got the box.

thought I was.. got it from this site

Link ?
To my knowledge, Pi-hole doesnt sell ready made boxes.

sorry just looked..
will see if I can return it


I cant find a ready made Pi-hole box on that site with below search:

But if your sure its coming from them, why not ask them instead of returning ?

EDIT: Sorry there is a box:

But still, I believe you should ask them for the user/pass if its not the default pi/raspberry.

Try user "adblock" with pass "blackhole" as described here:

RTFM :wink:

Thanks dHakkelaar, I'm in!

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Run below one on a Bash command prompt to reset the Pi-hole web GUI password or leave the password blank:

And I would advice to change the default "adblock" user password as well:

sudo passwd adblock

@blauber, one more question, was a card with a link to instructions included in the Pi-hole package that you purchased ?
One should have been included according to head honco Salmela (the Founder) :wink:


I just got mine today, the same pre-assembled one like blauber.

I'm using a Mac and I wire-connected my Pi-Hole device.

But I'm not sure how my Mac OS terminal connects to the Pi-Hole device.

All I know about how to use the device is through the Web GUI.

How can I change my admin/pwd from there?


In the Mac terminal: ssh pi@[ip address here]

Once shelled in: sudo pihole -a -p

You have to change the admin password from the command line.


Thanks for replying.

my terminal says port 22's connection refused

Argh... Sorry, I'm a totally illiterate to the finer aspects of using command terminals and networking configurations.

I had to cringe when I realized I had to connect a keyboard, mouse, and computer screen to my PH RPi because all I had was a Macbook and no detachable keyboard or mouse. ... I couldn't even figure out how to use the HDMI display onto my Macbook.

I'm googling the subject on SSH and port 22.

In the Pi's menu pick preferences, raspberry pi configuration, the interfaces tab and enable ssh.

Or since you are in the GUI anyway to make this change just change the password and possibly the system name from the first tab there.

Thanks, but I don't see an option to change password or system admin name on the http interface.