Page number field for query log


paging through “all” queries can be an exercise in patience. it would be nice to have a field wherein users could type in the page number they wish to skip to.


With this feature, how would you know which page to go to? Typically you are looking for something (client, domain, etc.), using either the search feature or sorting by a column.

How would you envision using the feature you request?


I wouldn’t know which page to go to, but at least I would be able to skip a bunch of pages as opposed to moving forward (or backward) one page at a time. If I went too far, I’d at least have the option of paging back or skipping back via the page # field.


But you would be searching for something by skipping pages? If so, wouldn’t searching be faster?

Or, select “show all” in the recent queries header, then show “all” entries in the pull-down menu, and scroll through the entire list as quickly or slowly as you would like.


I don’t think that what I described is “searching” per se, but browsing. Browsing through query results. Skipping multiple pages.

Searching, as you correctly pointed out, could simply be done via, well, searching - whether search by device or search by query entry; or, via the Long Term Data and entering date ranges. We both understand this.

Visualization works best for me, so please bear with me. Also, I apologize that I may not be using the correct language to better illustrate my point. So, let’s do this.

As it stands, my current UI for ALL results in the query log looks something like this:


If I show all queries and want start browsing at, say, page 11 from page 1 (maybe I’ve looked at the first 10 recently, had to leave, and just came back to continue where I left off), how do I get to page 11 without hitting “5” to get to page 5, then, “6” for “6”, then “7” for 7… and so forth? OMG am I at 11 yet? LOL

I hope I’m communicating this clearly.

It would be much simpler to have a field wherein the user could type the page # to be viewed rather than paging one at a time. I realize this page number is relative -as it appears to be wholly dependent on the number of recent entries as well as the number of selected results per page.

Just wondering if this would be a useful feature. That’s all.


I think the feature you seek already exists, at least in V4.

Option to “show all” queries at the top of the page

After “show all” is selected, the pull-down menu lets you choose how many results to show at a time. Select all and the entire query list is on a single page, ready for browsing.

Now there are no “previous” and “next” options available, as the entire log is shown on a single page, ready for scrolling.

Note that if you come back to the log at a later date, the contents of the log will have changed, so the list will be rebuilt each visit.


Aaaah. I see our communication hiccup and it has everything to do with the fact that there two instances of the word “all” at play here. I apologize for not being more specific.

Referencing your images… (Thank you for those btw!)

Image 1: You’re looking at ALL queries (as indicated in the upper left, just below the hamburger menu and above the pulldown menu). Cool. We’re on the same page. We’re looking at all [historical] queries, not just today.

Image 2: You’ve gone to the pulldown and selected “All” entries per page. (This is the 2nd instance of “all”). Instead of selecting “All” from the pulldown, please select “100”.

Image 3: Just under the search box (on the right side of the window) are the number of resulting pages based on the selection from the pulldown. Your result shows 1 page. If you selected “100”, you’d have multiple pages.

It’s at this point that I now direct you back to my question and feature request:

I am at Page 1 of 365 pages. If my goal is to start browsing entries starting with page 11 (it could be any page, really, but let’s stick with that), it would be necessary for me to first click “5” in order to reach page 5, then “6” to reach page 6… subsequent pages (7,8,9,10 are populated based on prior click). There are 7 clicks between page 5 of the results and page 11 of the results.

Adding a “skip to page” field would significantly reduce the amount of time it would take to reach page 11 (or 42, or 242 for that matter).


I understand the feature request and it is up for voting.

What I was pointing out is that you can do pretty close to what you want with existing features. In case you were not aware that you could do this.