Our Patreon Project Is Live With Fun Rewards


Originally published at: https://pi-hole.net/2018/05/29/our-patreon-project-is-live-with-fun-rewards/

Become a Patron!

Our Patreon page is up and ready. You can support our project in exchange for some rewards. If you have feedback on the reward levels let us know but we hope you like what we’ve put together for you!


I want a kitchen full of Pi-hole mugs :slightly_smiling_face:



Geeked out mugs, pppffffttttt Shut up and take my money!


I signed up for the sticker club! My current project is sticker bombing my homelab rack.


I’m a coin collector! when are they for sale?


They will be available soon. We will do another blog post when they are available.


Same here :slight_smile:


The first milestone of 100 patrons is near :slight_smile: Every patron supports this great project and the hard working developers :+1:


how long would it take for the coin to come to The Netherlands?
I desperately need to upgrade my pi-hole case with this bling :smile:


I think we have a few in Germany so I’d think they would get there rather quickly.


Placed my order on 2018-06-02, still waiting for the coin to arrive in Germany. So it seems it takes some time.


No coin yet… does anybody have an idee on how long it can take?


What is your order number?





Your order shows delivered on June 28. I messaged you with the tracking number for your records.




:smiley: I tried to make a photo, my pi 2+coin. but when i used the flash… ohoh i forgot.
it crashes! :smile: