Other great software similar to Pi-Hole


Hello everyone

I’ve been using Pi-Hole for more than 1 year in my home network, frankly, it’s an amazing software, I can’t live without it.

I want to ask you guys if you know other great software that I can use in my home network, I don’t mean ad blocker software but something can be used in my network that will add some value for all connected devices (security, parent control, visualization, monitoring, administration…etc)


I have one of my Pis monitoring my UPS boxes using NUT, that gives me a central spot to check the system statuses and to share out to the devices that are connected to the different UPS boxes without having to have them actually connected to the UPS.


I of course have Pi-hole running on two of them, it runs great on the ancient Pi v1 that is really too slow for most purposes these days giving me a reason to keep it plugged in.

I have a GPS board running on an old Pi 2 that provides an NTP server for my local systems. Far more accurate than any server I have access to across the Internet.