Order Whitelist/Blacklist by added date

Sometimes the user could add an entity to the whitelist/blacklist by accident, or some entities are supposed to be added and wait for testing for several days,
if we can order the list by added date, it would be useful.

Thank you.

In the coming DB version of Pi-hole that would be possible.

Pending implementation of this feature, if you open you whitelist and blacklist file directly (both are located in /etc/pihole), the last entry added will be at the end of the file. The information is displayed in alphabetical order in the web GUI, but is not kept in order in the file itself.

An example, first the dashboard, then the file contents.

cat /etc/pihole/blacklist.txt


On both the whitelist and blacklist screens, it would be immensely beneficial to add a “date/time” added column to each entry.

I know I do this all the time when surfing. A a whitelist here and there to see if it works or not. If it doesn’t fix what I want I go back in and remove the entry.

By adding a date/time column that can be sorted, it makes it VERY easy to quickly back out of changes to remove recent additions.

Much easier then having to remember what you added and scroll through a list of possibly hundreds of entries to find it.

If not possible perhaps a new option of “last 25 entries added” for each to make removing them easy to find.

Note that we are currently working on preparing such a feature. From Pi-hole v5.0 on, the creation date/time will be stored for each added/modified domain in the lists.