Order elements/subsections in Tools (web interface) alphabetically

Hope the titel and screenshot are self-explanatory.

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I think they are weighted by importance by whomever added them. They may need a resorting, however, I certainly don't think an arbitrary* order would improve the menu?

*) alphabetically is arbitrary in the sense of not caring about the actual content it sorts, but only applying (superficial) rules from A to Z

To me it looks like they are not ordered at all or I can't interpret the order.
For the other menus (Group management, Disable Pihole) I can see the logic behind the order.

I think it could be difficult to find an order of importance for this various tools. As everyone might weight the importance different (and even differently each time performing different tasks) I would still prefer alphabetically because I can find the tool I'm looking for at this particular moment faster than thinking about the importance the devs might attribute to it.