Option to suspend blacklist items


It would be great to be able to suspend/bypass blacklist entries rather than having to delete and then re-enter them if required again.


Dang! On which version of Pi-hole are currently?

Pi-hole 4.x has this option built-in and available.

It is in the menu directly under blacklist and called disable.


I believe that is a different feature than the user requests. Instead of disabling Pi-Hole entirely, the request appears to be to toggle individual blacklist entries on/off.


I thought those where also disabled.

Sooooo, if you want to disable, separate blacklist lines then you whitelist them for the time you see fit, manually.


If the implementation is going to be moving blacklist entries to whitelist and back then you have my vote.

This way you have one reload for both lists.


The intention here is to be able to click a checkbox or similar to toggle a blacklist item. Case in point would be to blacklist youtube etc until certain people do their schoolwork etc :slightly_smiling_face: