Option to resolve the original ad request but not display it

I am curious what the difficulty would be to add an option that allows a user to opt to have ads actually resolve, as if they were displayed, perhaps as a threaded call, but not display in the requesting page or app?

In this manner, users could opt to continue to support pages ad based revenue without the clutter and obtrusion of the ads themselves.

I haven't delved into the code as of yet as I am just now looking to set this up, but I would think adding something as simple as wget [url] > /dev/null would work.

Pi-hole is not involved in rendering HTML content on a client at all, it just provides DNS resolution.

The approach you describe would move the decision whether a domain should be blocked from server-side Pi-hole to a client, i.e. your browser.
Essentially, you'd had to eliminate Pi-hole from your network for this to work.

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