Option for change time range on the Dashboard

Hi, i have a lagre setup on a large network, roundabout 1000000 querys on 24h.
So the issue is when i load the dashboard it takes minutes to show, i can activate pricacy ok that works a little bit, but its not optimal. We will have a lot statistic and when this is activatet the dashboard is loading very slow.

So the ide is to make a custom timerange as default in the dashboard so i can set this to the last time 1h, and the dashboard will load as default the history from the last 1h and not 24h

You can use the MAXLOGAGE=1.0 option:

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ah hm ok i will try this

ok i can see the "Total queries over last 1 hours" it has changed from 24. But the timerange ha not changed. Is this option also working with the other graphs on the dashboard?

The option sets the time range to be retrieved from the long term (query) database on FTL restart.

Once that time interval has been retrieved, the dashboard will re-populate until it shows the most recent 24 hours of activity and stats.

ok, is the setting also permanent ? i have made this in /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf

#; Pi-hole FTL config file
#; Comments should start with #; to avoid issues with PHP and bash reading this file

Yes. The configuration file is read on each FTL start.

ok thats my dashboard after 1h.
is the timerange correct?

I noticed that.

The MAXLOGAGE=1 option is limiting the data to 1 hour (as expected), but the API command is still returning empty time slots to fill the 24 hours period.

We are investigating the best place to fix this.

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The graphic scale will be fixed on the next release (code already in development branch):

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