Only one client shown

I'm running Pi-Hole on as Orange Pi Zero Plus board.
Pi-Hole has been installed from scratch, and it's a standard installation.
I have enabled DHCP on Pi-Hole and disabled DHCP on my main router.

Main router is (Netgear router with Gargoyle firmware).
Pi-Hole is
Then I have an Orbi RBR40 in AP mode,its IP address is and it's reserved via Pi-Hole's DHCP page.

As Pi-Hole is acting as DHCP server for the network, I would expect to find all the hosts listed under the host list in the main page, but I can't. There I see only "localhost" and my RBR40; all DNS requests appear to be coming from RBR40.

When I try ipconfig /all from a Windows PC, I see that DHCP/DNS are, as expected.

Debug Token:

After you make DHCP changes, ensure you reboot the router and renew the DHCP lease on all clients so they can get the new assignments.

I forgot to mention that I’ve already read that page.
And I obviously have rebooted the router and all clients.

Anyway there’s something weird, because all requests appear to come from the RBR40, which is in AP mode and it’s not supposed to “intercept” DNS queries.

This is likely a behavior of that specific access point. It is inserting it's IP for each of the clients connecting through that AP.

It might be.
But even more strange, I my parent’s house I have the same AP (this time in router mode) and Pi-Hole correctly shows all the clients.

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