One-click delete/mark as read all warnings

In the current situation, if there are multiple warnings you need to delete them one by one. Which is very time-consuming, especially when all of the warnings are pretty much the same.

The situation is even worse on mobile, where the green banner, blocks some parts of the screen. If you have, lets say 7 warnings (which could easily be done if a client is trying to get a IP address but that does not match /etc/hosts), then the banners will block you from clicking the next delete.

My feature request is add something like "delete all" or "delete all in this page", to quickly clear all the warnings.

Definitely or at least all duplicate errors. I'm getting lots of ignoring domain _ for DHCP host name _


You can fix the problem so you don't receive those warnings.


OK so we may be able to fix it, but that doesn't help with the 17k messages we need to delete, or just reinstall pi-hole every time the issue crops up.

For those of us who use this as more of a set and forget product, there could me weeks or months of errors that need to be cleared. How do we do that, One at a time?

Restart Pi-hole and all the messages will clear. Any of these methods will quickly restart FTL and clear all the messages:

From the terminal, either of the following commands:

pihole restartdns

sudo service pihole-FTL restart

Or from the admin GUI:

Web Admin GUI > Settings > System > Restart DNS resolver

Then address the warnings you are receiving (they are not errors) and eliminate them.


Implemented by Adds the ability to delete multiple warnings at once by rdwebdesign · Pull Request #2133 · pi-hole/AdminLTE · GitHub

and released with

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