Numbers of Domains on blocklist

I added some lists to adlists and it took the total blacklists number to 1,991,725. Before adding the number was 102,782.
Is the new list reasonable or too much?

I work "only" with the default set of lists, do not use any additional ad blocker and are very satisfied. If it is reasonable or too much isn't a question easily answered, it depends. Some examples:

  • If you don't see a difference, it is not reasonable
  • If you see a lot of stuff not working and you have to whitelist things to get going, then it is too much

Typically, you are in between and nothing can be clearly said just from the number. Also because the list may contain 1,800,000 dead domains which would not affect anything. Pi-hole has been engineered by people with experience in HPC (high-performance computing) and they implemented some tree-algorithm (I don't know much about the details) that is extremely performant. Pi-hole should still be fast even with orders of magnitude more domains so this isn't something you should worry about. The only thing that needs more time is the weekly domain update because it needs to rewrite said tree structure on each update for getting this extreme efficiency.

This is hard to answer without knowing which adlists you have added. There are many poor quality or wrongly formatted lists in the internet, as well as many reputable and well maintained lists.

Please generate a debug log, upload it when prompted and post the token here. This will show us the lists you have chosen and then we can comment.

The block list I added is from Pi-hole website maintained by community.
This is the list
" *".

I added this on top of the default two already there since installation.
If more info needed I will get them when I I get home tonight.

That list has no technical problems and appears to work fine with Pi-hole.

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