Not giving name raspberrypi.lan to the DHCP lease

Hey there, first of all I would like to apologize if this hast been answered already before. I wasnt really able to find something here. Yesterday I got my first Raspberry Pi and decided to install pi hole on it.

After following some guides here in the forum I had to use the pi hole as the dhcp server because Telekom speedports kinda suck. Thanks Telekom :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything is working fine so far but Im getting some diagnosis messages. Also I cant reach my pi over Raspberrypi.local anymore. I can however still react it using

Here is a Screenshot of the logs.

I think I might need to change some DHCP settings on the pi itself but I don't really know what I need to change here in order to fix the stuff above.

Thanks in advance and have a great easter weekend :rabbit2:

Debug Token:

Can you please run pihole -d again, the log has expired.

Is the IP address of the Pi-hole server or of a separate Raspberry Pi device?