Not enough ads blocked

Expected Behaviour:

Expecting to have much more than 5% ads blocked while using a lot of lists :

  • Raspberry Pi OS 64bits
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Using dnscrypt-proxy

Actual Behaviour:

I'm currently having around 5% Ads blocked, a few months ago it was much much more with less ad lists, but I had to change ISP provider and my Sd Card for my RPI, so I did a fresh install and disabled DHCP from the provider's router and activated DHCP from Pi-hole, I also set the static IP's as it should, but I still get a lot of ads.


Non-authoritative answer:    canonical name =  canonical name =        canonical name =
Address: 2a02:26f0:b200:192::441d
Address: 2a02:26f0:b200:1bf::441d
Address: 2a02:26f0:b200:199::441d
tail -f /var/log/dnscrypt-proxy/query.log
[2023-03-20 11:15:49]  HTTPS   PASS    174ms   dct-de1
[2023-03-20 11:15:49]  HTTPS   PASS    188ms   scaleway-fr
[2023-03-20 11:19:46] HTTPS   PASS    0ms     -
[2023-03-20 11:20:20]  A       PASS    0ms     -
[2023-03-20 11:20:26]        PTR     NXDOMAIN        1250ms  dct-nl1
[2023-03-20 11:20:27]        PTR     NXDOMAIN        1743ms  ams-doh-nl
[2023-03-20 11:20:35]        PTR     NXDOMAIN        1048ms  dct-ru1
[2023-03-20 11:20:52] HTTPS   PASS    0ms     -
[2023-03-20 11:21:28]    A       PASS    19ms    adguard-dns-unfiltered
[2023-03-20 11:21:28]      AAAA    PASS    19ms    ams-dnscrypt-nl

Debug Token:

The 5% percentage doesn't mean "only 5% of all ads were blocked and 95% of ads are shown".

The percentage means: only 5% of all DNS requests were blocked by Pi-hole and the rest was not considered ads.

Blocking percentages can be expected to fluctuate over time.
By themselves, they wouldn't be a reliable indication.

Did the number of DNS requests also drop significantly?

Together, that could suggest that DNS requests may be going elsewhere, by-passing Pi-hole.

Your debug log shows your Pi-hole host device to have full IPv6 connectivity.
Perhaps your router is advertising an non-Pi-hole IPv6 address as DNS server?

It seems that my ISP box doesn't forward everything to Pi-hole ... I'm trying to understand why and how I can fix that.

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