Not blocking some sites

Expected Behaviour:

All porn sites included in blacklists and manually added in interface should be blocked.
-Pi Hole
-Raspberry Pi 3

Unifi equipment with a security gateway, two AP's and a switch all managed through the Windows Controller software.

Actual Behaviour:

Only blocking some sites mostly ad related. Should be blocking porn sites with two examples not being blocked as: and

Debug Token:

From a client that you observe not blocking sites as expected, what is the output of the following commands:

nslookup pi.hole

From the Pi terminal, what is the output of the following:

pihole -q

The pihole -q showed me the problem. I'm not sure how or when but at some point I put (.|^)com$ into the whitelist.

All is well now.

Unrelated observation from your debug log. You have a number of whitelist entries that are IP's, not domains. These are ineffective. If a client already has an IP, it won't request domain name resolution from Pi-hole. You can remove all these - example below