No internet on some devices after setting router to use Pi Hole as DNS server


So i’ve successfully installed pihole and have been using it on my devices (mac, iDevices and mom’s Droid) by manually setting my DNS address to the pi hole’s static address. When I set my router DNS address to the pi’s and now the wii and bluray player couldn’t connect but my devices were working successfully. Where am I am screwing up?


You shouldnt set your router’s (client) DNS IP to that of Pi-Hole.
You only need to set one IP address, that of Pi-Hole, in the DHCP server section of your router.


I’m looking at my LAN settings as pointed in the first linked guide and that’s where I’m changing the DNS address to the pihole’s (just clarifying). I’m not seeing a DHCP server section, just an option to enable/disable DHCP. Honestly dunno why I’m not getting “it”.


Never mInd I figured it out, I just disabled it on the router and enabled it on the pihole… disregard my stupidity.


Some routers don’t support certain settings, such as changing the DHCP DNS address. Usually switching to Pi-hole for DHCP is the easiest option.


Right, options for my netgear router are very… limited even in the advanced settings tab.