No Internet Access

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Expected result

Internet should work when connected to home network using PiHole

Actual Behaviour:

No internet access through PiHole using Google's DNS

Debug Token:


dnsmasq should not be running. The required dnsmasq code is included in pihole-FTL, which runs in place of dnsmasq in version 4 of Pi-Hole.

Yes, I realised that after I posted. My mistake.
Any ideas on how to get internet access working?

Your debug log shows that Pi-Hole is working normally. The problem is likely in either the clients or the router.

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv4) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✓] is via localhost (
[✓] is via Pi-hole (
[✓] is via a remote, public DNS server (

What is the specific problem you are experiencing? What clients are having the problem and how do you have your router configured to use Pi-Hole as DNS server?

What is the output of this command run from the Pi linux terminal:

echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711

The specific problem I am facing is that all 3 devices, that have their DNS settings set to the pi-hole's IP address, do not have access to the internet.
How do I configure my router to use PiHole's address? Do I have to port forward and turn off DHCP?

The output of

echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711

is as follows:

domains_being_blocked 131192
dns_queries_today 463
ads_blocked_today 17
ads_percentage_today 3.671706
unique_domains 64
queries_forwarded 258
queries_cached 188
clients_ever_seen 3
unique_clients 3
dns_queries_all_types 471
reply_NODATA 9
reply_NXDOMAIN 0
reply_CNAME 0
reply_IP 12
status enabled

How do I configure my router to use PiHole’s address? Do I have to port forward and turn off DHCP?

Just did that using this guide:

And it works really great!

Thanks it works! But now it feels like it struggles to connect sometimes. There is a good solid connection for about an hour or two, then, out of nowhere, the pi-hole GUI stops working but the blocking is still active. I run pihole -r and it works for the next hour or so and then does the same thing again.
Whats going on?

I've been using Pi-Hole (Wired RPi2 installed with 'Stretch Lite' on 8GB Samsung Evo+) for ~18 months without any issues like You described above.
Just switched the DHCP to Pi-Hole to easier administration of static IP assignments.


It looks like I'm going to purchase a 3rd party router as the current Virgin Media SH3 does not allow changing the DNS settings.

Thanks, I think my problem with connecting to the internet is resolved.

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