No device IPs in Client logs

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Expected Behavior: Client list should show devices IPs

Actual Behaviour: Only see Router ( and cpe (IPV6 address),localhost, raspberry pi, ::1

Debug Token:g2ypgot6ga!

First post anywhere as a pihole user. I have limited understanding of what I have managed to get working. As my setup is now the ad blocking works on all 11 of our devices on our home network. Woo hoo!! Love that.

I could have posted many times before but really did not know what to ask and feared I wouldn't be able to follow what I was told anyway.
Through extensive reading I have learned how to ssh into the raspberrypi3B+ with Putty from my laptop and use the command box. (I used a mouse, keyboard and monitor to set it up). I have managed to put the pihole interface on my android phone.
I believe that I have set my router up properly to use the pihole DNS. (It is a Netgear Nighthawk AC2400) It is not capable of being updated with advanced firmware and it also does not have DNSmasq settings.
I have read in one of the FAQ's that even if the router is setup correctly (to use pihole's DNS)that it may still not work properly AND that I may not be able to change that behavior.
I have looked at using conditional forwarding, but there is no domain name (ie blank) in the Netgear so pihole won't proceed with that setup.
I was going to use the pihole's DHCP server but when I tried that everything went haywire. Yes I disabled DHCP in the router, but my netgear has DHCP settings in 3 different places (2 in IPV6 setup) and I don't believe there would be anyone able to tell me exactly what the settings in my router would have to be for that to work.
I should also mention that I have reserved IP's for all devices in my router in lan setup. They are all holding up with no issues at all.
So I guess my question is why are the individual IPs not showing up?
Another thing I learned was how to add host names in /etc/hosts but that didn't work but I guess because the pihole is not even seeing the individual IPs anyway!
I hope I have laid out what my situation coherently enough for one of your whizzes to point me in the right direction or at least tell me I can't because of my router.
Thanks, Ron

This guide has all of the advice we can give. Usually the only way to workaround a router which hides client DNS queries is to use Pi-hole for DHCP:

Your debug log shows that the Pi has processed DNS queries from 6 clients in the 24 hours prior to your local time shown below:

   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.286 3672]  -> Total DNS queries: 43082
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Cached DNS queries: 6983
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Forwarded DNS queries: 13906
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Exactly blocked DNS queries: 22193
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Unknown DNS queries: 0
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Unique domains: 1385
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Unique clients: 6
   [2019-03-10 10:38:37.287 3672]  -> Known forward destinations: 4

To see which clients have been connected, run this command from the Pi terminal - this will show you all the clients that have connected, along with the number of queries from each:

echo ">top-clients withzero (15)" | nc 4711

I have tried setting up and using the pihole dhcp server again. I have been knocking it around and it appears to be working and my internet connection seems to be holding up. And the adblocking is still working as before. I am seeing device names as well as ip of devices on our network. I have a whole lot to look at. It is a little out of kilter but seems to be ironing out the kinks as it goes. JFB,I had flushed all the logs to start anew but I was able to run that command. I have restarted and rebooted all of our devices. I have not changed anything on my IPV6 router settings yet, but it appears that IPV6 stuff is still being blocked. I am in over my head with this whole deal, but I really do like what the pihole does. It has most certainly helped our home network.
Thanks, Ron

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