Nice-To-Have/Make-It-Easier: one button for all entries in audit logs

Hello Comunity & Developers
Pls be kind, since I may not have understood the real sence/function of audit log entries.
But, wouldn't it be more confortable to have one button to add all log entries with one click to the auditing/being audited logs?
To me it is very timeconsuming to have each neede entry clicked to get it into audited logs.
What do you all think about this?

Thanks for your attendance.

Kind regsards

The audit feature has no effect at all on the operation of your Pi-hole. The idea of auditing is really that you do this one-by-one, domain per domain. Only this way you can notice if a permitted domain should really be blocked or a blocked domains should actually be permitted.

There is no gain in mass auditing. If you don't want to do this, that's perfectly fine. Just never use this page. Not really many users are using it, however, a few power users that really want to check what is going on use it to do exactly said one-by-one clicking.

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