New to pi-hole. Whitelist issue

Hi good morning all, I'm new to pi-hole, just updated my adlist and currently have over 5 million blocked domains. All seems great till a site my wife and I shop on from time to time,, now does not display any photos's of anything they are selling, just the descriptions. Tried adding with the wilcard option ticked to the whitelist and updated gravity but nothing has changed. Am I doing this wrong ?

Thanks in advance

Hi mate, definitely doing it very wrong lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Couple of links for you:

Tools to simplify whitelisting (IOS):

Also I personally would suggest you maybe tone down the block lists for the moment otherwise be prepared to be unblocking a lot of your habitual sites

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Brilliant, thanks very much for the swift response. I'll look into those links and have a play about.
Added to the adlist after watching a couple of pi-hole video's on YouTube.

Many thanks again mate, much appreciated.

No worries!

Please do read those those first two links I posted though as they contain super important info for how to diagnose what to block or unblock, the tools I linked merely assist in white listing and other stats conveniently.

Maybe start off at say 1mill and over time slowly enable the more obscure lists (anything not from Firebog would be more obscure)

Further whitelisting:

In addition to that I recommend looking at the Pi-hole commonly white listed domains and well whitelisting those.

Also consider adding these, there is the auto updating one(no release in a while though) or you can do it manually (recommend):

I have a similar number of blocked domains to yours but I slowly added to it over time so that I wasn’t overwhelmed with blocked sites lol (false positives)

P.S Please do give the FAQs and doco a quick look (don’t have to commit everything to memory).

Probably will take 30mins but will give you a lot more context about everything

Thanks very much for all your help. I'm starting this again, think its the SIM card as its the cheap 16gb noob card that came with it. Rebooted then couldn't vnc to it anymore, just got a black screen. re imaged and now trying to install pi-hole I get an error saying raspberry kernel is missing final newline: /usr/bin/dkpg returned error code (2)
Just ordered a 32GB class 10 SIM card and I'll try it again from scratch.
Thanks again for all your help with this, gives me something to work from now with all the info you've given me.

In that case I recommend Diet-Pi as the operating system since you are reimaging :slight_smile:

They have Pi-hole as an already optimised package, it runs headless (more efficient) and doesn’t save logs to your micro SD card. Lots of other packages are already in there and it makes installing so much easier lol

The only change is you would no longer have a GUI but instead would have a text interface and you would log into it via SSH using something like PuTTy on windows. I’ve been using it for 3 years now

Ok great, gives me something to play with this weekend then now. I work on Linux and use putty a lot at work. You’ve been a great help to me. Thanks very much indeed.

Well I got dietpi installed and working a treat, installed pi-hole and updated the blocked list from Firebog only. I can ssh to it fine from my MacBook. I'll leave it at that for now and just check now to see over time where I'm getting ads and if I get any probs accessing our popular sites.
Thank you very much for all your help with this.

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