New to Pi-hole, doesn't seem to be working

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Expected Behaviour:

i installed Pihole to my new raspberry pi, added the static IP of my PI into my asus router DNS1. DNS2 was my surfshark VPN's DNS. So was DNS1 but I cleared it out. Was able to resolve websites, thought Pihole was working.

I have an original discussion with some screen caps here:

Actual Behaviour:

When I learned the only DNS entry should be in DNS1 to contain the Pi IP address, I cleared out DNS2. Then I could not resolve any websites. rebooting PI, rebooting router, rebooting PC, didnt help.

Debug Token:

(Moderator edit: explicit debug log removed)

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Edit: Just noticed that your referenced discussion states your are running a Docker Pi-hole in portainer - that's an important piece of information that should be included here directly.
I've switched category to docker accordingly.

Please post a new debug token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

here's my debug token.

Thankyou, and yes I did initially use portainer, just to try it out.

Last evening when doing some research on my issues, I came across not being able to execute the pihole command, such as pihohle -r, etc.

“pihole: command not found” no pihole executeable is on the machine"

and i found some discussions about this command not found, here:

as well as here:

to which I then tried:
curl -sSL | sudo bash

and was able to revisit the command pihole -r
and reconfigure.

I reimaged my SD card and started from scratch. reinstalled pihole but this time nothing fancy, did it via:

git clone --depth 1 Pi-hole
cd "Pi-hole/automated install/"
sudo bash

afterwards I can see the pihole IP in the web interface for interface eth...

and pihole works, just dunno how to run pihole through my routers VPN.