New Pi-Hole questions

Yes. Great time and dedication have been spent on our installation script to alleviate any burden on the user. Just run the installation command, answer some questions, and begin blocking ads in about 10 minutes.

Pi-hole uses dnsmasq by default and is automatically installed during installation.

We have a large (and growing) repository of FAQs that we see users asking. I would start there. If you feel something is lacking, please let us know directly and we will create some documentation for you.

There's not a whole lot to configure as--again--we have developed the installer to get most users up and running without the need to configure anything (except for setting your network devices to use Pi-hole as their DNS server), but you will find several post-install settings on the dashboard's Settings page.

It's up to you. Some users like their router to act as the DHCP server, others don't. One advantage to using Pi-hole for your DHCP is that you can assign hostnames to clients (but it's still possible to do this without using Pi-hole's DHCP server).

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