New google ads settings?

Have google ads changed something, for in the last 3-4 months my pihole has stopped blocking some ads, and i think maybe the have changed something that have caused that?

Use these tools to determine the source of the ads.

I'll toss my 2 cents in, around the same timeframe ( 3-4 months ago ) I started seeing adds, not all of them but some. It turns out my ISP decide to start pushing it's own IPv6 DNS over mine so the adds I was getting were coming through there. A quick test to make sure this isn't the case is to either:

  • Temporarily turn off IPv6 in your router -> release and renew the device
  • Temporarily turn off IPv6 on your device -> release and renew the device

That was my case, it could be many things. Hope it helps!

I dont have a IPv6 adress.

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