Network firewall seems to block Pi-Hole

I followed the guidelines from, where I obviously used the IP address of my Pi-Hole machine.

But somehow, this broke the Pi-Hole setup, and I couldn't load any websites anymore... Did anyone encounter the same problem? Or should I open up more ports? The video is a few years old, so maybe something has changed...?

I ditched the port restrictions in the second rule, both in source as destination (because, why restrict my Pi-Hole machine...?), and it seems to work now!

The Pi-hole forum may not be the best place to ask this type of question.

Questions of that kind - i.e. about issues encountered when following some third party guides - are best raised with that guide's creator.

It's only if they are made aware of possible issues with their guide that they would get a chance to improve it.

Agreed, but now it's out here, for any new solution seekers...