Netflix just changed domain usage

I have an entire blocklist for netflix as it auto-boots, well with that list still enabled, I just started it asuuming it wouldn't start without an error. Well it started perfectly, but still blocked all the other domains which is odd.

Now there is only localized, location-based domains being loaded, but there are many of them, with two digits and no real differences to know which one does what. So I can only assume they are all used for required content delivery, which is really cool. If that's the case.

Why do I care?

Well, I just learned how much money Roku males yearly from advertising!

if I let through the smart tv logs, then that company will continue to make over two-hundred-million U.S. Dollars yearly, just from sending me advertisments, and possibly my devices logs. Why should I allow some compamy to male that much money just from ads? How about donate that money to a good organization that's not corrupt? So many ideas that money could go towards.

I don't believe advertisements make the world a better place, I think a company's individuals employees time is being wasted on just a spoke in the wheel, instead of meaningful improvements for our human race and the planet as a whole.

Edit: So if you'd like the list, I am all for posting it here.

Hmm, I thought I posted something else in this thread, did it get edited by someone else?


I thought I posted the logs, but I guess I decided to just describe them instead. There is an update though, this doesn't work anymore and I checked my logs, going back over 600 pages (out of 8,395) to see the activity, and I am shocked it worked for that one night.

Strange times I guess.

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