need some help with diagnosing and solutions

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Dear Pihole team, any assistance would be greatly appreciated: the debug token is

the action button is missing in the query list on the web interface page

also, i have some concerns regarding warnings on the log. if you could take a look and give me your expertise, i would appreciate it as I am very new to all of this and am trying to keep out some very unscrupulous and downright evil humans from doing anymore harm to someone I care for.

Your debug log shows that there have been domains added from the query log (examples):

   161    1          1  0                                                                                           2020-08-01 14:04:43  2020-08-01 14:04:43  Added from Query Log                              
   163    1          1  0                                                                                      2020-08-01 14:16:40  2020-08-01 14:16:40  Added from Query Log

The following section of your debug log shows that Google DNS was not reachable when Pi-hole tested connectivity. Do you have any firewall rules that block Google DNS?

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv4) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✓] is via localhost (
[✓] is via Pi-hole (
[✗] Failed to resolve via a remote, public DNS server (

What is the purpose of these entries in the domain block lists? Pi-hole will not be asked to resolve an IP; it resolves domain names to IPs.

  168    1          1  0                                                                                            2020-08-02 12:55:01  2020-08-02 12:55:01  microsoft 
  169      3        1  0             (\.|^)151\.101\.249\.2$                                                                               2020-08-02 12:56:46  2020-08-02 12:56:46  fastly                                            
   170    1          1  0                                                                                           2020-08-02 12:57:35  2020-08-02 12:57:35  gugal

Thank you for a quick reply. I have blocked a bunch of ips because I had many that I tracked back to china telecomm and other unfamiliar or foreign places that are being shown as local hosts on the query list. if i told you my whole story , you might find it conspiratorial but I can tell you 100% that there are people who use the internet to attempt to harm others who simply tried to stand up and do the right thing by exposing corruption that most people don't have any idea just how bad it really is.

Because of what I have been through I may have become a little overzealous in blocking certain queries .
TBH w/you, I don't really trust Microsoft or Google and I see them on the query list all the time even when the particular device they are making connections to isn't in use.

do you know why the button on the query list would all of the sudden be missing?