Nanopi R1S H5 64Bit

Hi, everyone.
I found your project not long ago and now choosing the hardware.

In “Prerequisites“ I found that Pi-hole requires 512 Ram.
Is it the requirement for a board-device(with installed Pi-hole) or for just a “Pi-hole” to run smoothly?

Also, I was deciding on buying Raspberry/Pine, but, in the last moment, I was given an advice that to keep my whole home without advertising, all devices via WiFi and cable Internet, I need a board with two RJ45 ports like NanoPi R1 with 1Gb of RAM.
Not a bad option, but I found that it runs 32bit H3 processor…
So, I looked deeper, and found NanoPi R1S with H5 64Bit processor, but only 512Mb RAM.
So, turning back to “Prerequisites“: is such device a good option?

If new to SBC’s, I would recommend to start with a Raspberry Pi first for the enormous support.
A low end Pi like the early B versions (RJ45) or a Pi Zero (WiFi) will do fine for home use.
If want the SBC to do more like Kodi media center, SABnzb/SickBeard, demotica etc, I would recommend to get a higher spec board.
I run an old Pi 1 B+ dedicated Pi-hole (nothing else) and its been working fine for I believe two years now.

Thanks for advise, really new to SBC.
In reality, stuff, you mentioned: hearing of it for the first time, so you can give me the list of “etc”.

For now, I just need to keep advertising separately from my family devices, also, if everything goes well, I might use the same solution at work, we have a motel, so I guess, customers will be much happier.

32 bit vs 64 bit doesn’t really matter. You wont be using anything that can benefit from 64 bit.

Memory, the more the better. The more domains you add to be blocked and the more lists you add then the more memory you need. If the device is for the single purpose of Pi-hole then 512 should do you fine.

Core count, most operations only use one core so 4 core doesn’t really help much.

Multiple network interfaces? Not really needed. Pi-hole doesn’t route traffic, it’s a DNS server so it can live on the same switch as every other device.

NAS, game emulator (Arcade, NES etc), LAMP server, hypervisor, pen tester, stream games from PC to Pi, Minecraft server or other, the applications are countless :wink:
Have a look at the blog that highlights some projects: