Naming Devices



A useful feature of the BT modems is being able to name your network devices. Makes for very easy monitoring.

Appreciate Pi-Hole’s DHCP server lists machine names but most android devices just show as android followed by some obscure number.

Friendly names would be an excellent addition.



This is already available :slight_smile:

Requirement: You made sure that the device will always get the same IP address (add a static lease in DHCP server).

Then, add this device with the name you like in /etc/hosts on your Pi-hole, e.g.,    android-cell

either wait until the next full hour (once an hour client host names are updated internally) or restart pihole-FTL and voilà:

Screenshot at 2018-01-06 22-58-34


Local DNS Management

Brilliant, I’ll check that tomorrow.

Thanks for quick reply,



@Geffers Did it work as expected?


I am so sorry for not responding, yes, it worked perfectly but I started to have trouble with one device on my network which was losing connection for no obvious reason so temporarily I reset my network back to original DHCP.

It certainly did work and I intend to go back to that when I have resolved my current problem which I am sure has nothing to do with Pi-Hole’s DHCP.

Once again, apologies for not getting back,



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