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Hello All

I am really new and think pihole is really cool. I have been reading the FAQs and have found out some good info. I am still a bit confused about whether or not to allow pihole to be the DHCP server or have the router. I have a UniFi USG setup and I use remote VPN on my phone etc.
I saw that I needed to add some of the Plex to the white-list along with Sonarr, and I did that but what about Radarr?
My admin panel seems to show lots of ad content blocked and I can see on the websites(and phone) that the ads are removed..... WAY COOL

Expected Behaviour:

Seems to be working

Actual Behaviour:

I noticed the following

  1. Plex live tv stops randomly. I use Xfinity/HD homerun/Cable card.
  2. When clicking on a link in an email it sends you to a broken page.

Debug Token:

This token is BEFORE I added the plex and sonarr whitelist


Thanks a bunch


This is strictly a user preference - use whichever of the methods meets your needs. Most users who end up using Pi-Hole DHCP do so because (1) their ISP router will not let them assign DNS to Pi-Hole, or (2) their router will not show individual client IPs.

I run several pairs of Pi-Holes, and it is easiest for me to assign static IP's for all the network clients in one place - my router. I see individual client IP's in Pi-Hole, and I have the static IPs mapped to client names in /etc/hosts on the Pi.

If your current configuration provides what you need, stick with it. I do notice in your debug log that the queries shown all appear to originate from the router, when in fact they likely originated at one of the network clients.


Rather than whitelist what others have whitelisted, take a look at what is being blocked and selectively whitelist as necessary. These tools can be quite helpful:

Thanks for reviewing the logs.

I was able to add some of the sites to the white list as your recommendation. The queries come from the router because I set the WAN DNS to the pihole. Isn't that the easiest way?

Thanks again


I see now why using pihole as the DNS server is better. I read through the guide and want to use method #2. Here is a link to my routers software.
UniFi Custom DHCP

I am a bit confused on what goes in the advanced DHCP options, Just leave it default and put the syntax in the text area?
Also, it want me to define a LAN gateway subnet. I have to have something like (only 6) so it doesn't overlap with any other LAN subnet?
And it is forcing me to create a VLAN

I know you don't give router support but maybe it is super simple and you can just tell me.



I am not familiar with that router or it's features, so I'm afraid I can't help you with the setup. You may have success with a visit to their support pages.


Just one question you might know. Which of the following is the syntax?

Hex array
IP address
MAC address

The syntax for what?

Option 2 in the guide

That would appear to require an IP address.


So I was able to set it up and it seems to be working correctly. I also put the names of the clients in /etc/hosts so I could tell who was accessing the web and getting the most hits. COOL..

New question:

I cross referenced the IPs to the names to put them in the file and I noticed that there are IPs that are not in my router anywhere. Where did they come from?



If they are not internal IP's on your LAN IP range, then you likely have port 53 on the router open to the internet and uninvited clients are using your Pi-Hole. Please upload a new debug log and post the token, along with the output of this command from the Pi terminal:

echo ">top-clients withzero (50)" | nc localhost 4711

Thanks for your help

0 8995 nuc-8i
1 5334 galaxy-note
2 3350 iphone
3 2726 media-center
4 1930 smartthings
5 1877 pihole
6 1646 security-server
7 1397 minixtec
8 826 
9 784 nvidia
10 614 
11 613 
12 603 chromecast
13 601 roku
14 590 
15 587 
16 587 
17 576 
18 576 
19 576 
20 427 
21 391 android
22 284 
23 275 
24 268 nest
25 261 
26 228 
27 174 nest
28 92 
29 63 lg
30 54 
31 40 
32 26 
33 15 
34 14 
35 6 hd
36 4 luxtron
37 2 
38 2 
39 2 
40 1 
41 1 
42 1 
43 1 
44 1 
45 1 lg
46 1 
47 0 
48 0 
49 0 

Debug Log: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/olycqcnx6t

Sorry. forgot to hit reply. See above.


All these domains are from your own LAN, it appears. Do you run two VLANS (one on the 168.2 range and the other on the 168.1 range)?

If not, did you recently change routers or reconfigure your router with a different IP range or did you switch DHCP servers on your LAN?


I run two LANs. and

Not sure about switching the DHCP. I didnt change it.


That is the source of your IP's then. All the IP's are on your two LAN ranges.

when I see an IP on the PiHole and check it on the router software it isn't listed anywhere. So where did it come from?

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