My third topic on DIscourse

Testing to publish another thing here!

No sign of a 21 hour wait limit?

No. It forces me to wait 2 minutes. I can already author a new topic meanwhile and only saving is not allowed within the one minute after the previous post.

In the same post I can answer after 30 seconds.

If I try to do it before, it will show me how long I have to wait.

Creating a fourth topic on the first day is forbidden.

OK, yeah.. found the setting

These are the default values.

@jacob.salmela, do you think we need to change them to be a bit more relaxed? Or (like me) do you think that the limit is fair enough for a new account within the first 24 hours of existence?


Some discussion on the topic here:

I don't think 10 replies in the first day is unreasonable. I can see how some threads might run longer for complex issues or if the user is very responsive to our requests, but I think the default is reasonable.