My Own Lists?

Hi, rather new to Linux & Pihole.

My question is this. I am in the midst of making my own list of URL'S with there respective IP's.

When I'm done I will save it in txt format.

When I'm done compiling my list, how can I upload my list to my pihole.


First thought - blocking YouTube ads with these domains will prove fruitless, and may interfere with your desired content. Very long running thread here:

Second thought - in a hosts formatted file, the IP comes first, then the domain name. You have this backwards.

Pi-hole will import lists that are either in hosts format or simply a list of domains. If the list is in hosts format, Pi-hole will strip the leading IP's and keep only the domains.

All three of these line entries below can be parsed by Pi-hole, and only the domain name ( will remain:

Are you intending to block this domain? Why do you have the actual IP listed along with the domain?

thanks for the reply, I will change the order there in as you suggest.

Yes I'm trying to block youtube ads & potentially other unwanted google stuff & yes I understand it may be like Wack a mole.

Is it possible to upload my local list to my pihole, rather not post on Github or similar page just yet

And as Im still new to Linux & Pi-hole what is parsed plz,

You can put your list in a local file and access it via:


Note the three strokes after the colon - not a typo.

Again thanks for the info, I'll give it a go.

Further down the road I do plan on downloading all my lists & will eventually / hopefully create a HUGE Master list

Or if you want your blocklist in the cloud, you can put it in your DropBox account, get the share link and plug that URL into your Pi-Hole to download from it.