My NetGear router does not forward DNS requests to Pi-hole?


I have just installed Pihole 3.3 on my server.

My router is at It is a NetGear WNDR 4700.
My server is at It runs Pi-hole 3.3 on Ubuntu 16.04.
My laptop is at It runs Windows 10.

I have configured my router to use as the only DNS Server. Now, when I connect my laptop, if I set the DNS server (in Windows) to automatic or manually to, all DNS requests fail: they do not get a response, I checked with Wireshark and pihole -t indeed does not show any new requests.

On the other hand, if I manually set the DNS to, it works fine.

DNS Requests on my server itself work fine too.

It appears my router is not forwarding DNS requests? Am I missing something?


Is your wifi interfaces giving out a DNS back to the router instead of Pi-Hole IP? I had to change it both for the router itself AS WELL the Wifi interfaces that were giving out details of DNS to use on DHCP.

Granted, this is with DD-WRT (a custom router firmware) and not the Netgear software that comes with the router default.


I’m not sure what you mean by Wifi interface. On what device do you mean?

My router is the DHCP server btw. It should therefore configure (via DHCP) itself ( as the DNS Server for it’s clients, and forward the DNS requests to it’s configured DNS server (, right?


with you telling it to look at your Router for DNS, they will never get there. that doesn’t get forwarded. You need to tell your guests to use, that is the only device on your network that is responding to DNS it sounds like. that is the way it works,



I see, can I make it so that the DHCP of my router ( tells the clients the DNS is (
Or should I just use the DHCP of pi-hole?

edit: wait a minute, they should look at the router for DNS, the FAQ says I can use the pihole as a DNS server in my router and point all other devices to my router: (method 1)


Ok, I took some drastic measures: I installed LEDE (OpenWRT) on my WDNR4700, and now it works like a charm.Apparently the original firmware is too limited for this kind of configuration.


Sorry back late to the game…

Yes what you said in your last reply. Basically tell your router, when dishing out DHCP leases, to use the Pi-Hole IP as the primary DNS and not the router. Since I run 2 Wifi bands I had to setup both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz, when allocating a DHCP lease; to give the clients the details for DNS which was for the Pi-Hole or they continued to use the router. I think you’ve got it now though :slight_smile:


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