My employer makes us use their VPN for work, will PiHole function with this in place?

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I use a VPN for work on my laptop, I want to use PiHole as well. Would it still function behind my employers VPN connection, while working from home over their VPN ?

I tried searching for this specific question but couldn't find it exactly.

Thank you !

Typically not. With most VPN connections, all traffic (including DNS) is routed through the VPN tunnel. But, your employer may have their VPN set up differently.

Ask the IT folks at work.

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Ok dang. Do you know if there is any work around for this at all (fingers crossed) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If the company has the option to use a local DNS (and not route DNS through the VPN), ask them to set it up that way.