Multiple MAC address, same static IP


Continuing the discussion from DHCP server, is it possible to load a bunch of MAC address, IP address and host name with a file?:

I just want to have a single static IP address if EITHER connects with Ethernet OR WiFi. My TV my NUC my Blue ray have both WiFi and Ethernet.

Additional problem I have with my Extender, if I connect to WiFi to my Netgear Router I get logged with the correct MAC Address, if I connect to WiFi with my Netgear Extender I get a virtual MAC address (the first 6 digits are CHANGED by the extender). The device is of course the same, but my router sees it as 2 different devices assigning 2 different static IP ADDRESS.

That is why I would like to have this function in pi-hole

Unfortunately this is not working


Bridge both network interfaces (create a bridge interface):

Owh Ps. Better run “pihole -r” after to have Pi-Hole listen to the correct bridge interface.



and what about this issue, can it be solved?


sorry newb here. My notebook (or NUC) does connect to the same network of the pi3, but not to it. IS it the same?

Which other implication there are it bridging my wlan and ethernet?

p.s. I have 6 wlan

Ground floor 2,4 and 5GHz
FIrst Floor 2,4 and 5
Second floor (with extender) 2,4 and 5


Or you need to hack the “Netgear Extender” box to spoof MAC.

I dont understand what you mean ?

I just pointed out there exists a way of having one IP address being available on two different networks (eth0 & wlan0) , as you requested: