Multi-Language Support (German translation of the webinterface)

Good morning, evening,
I´m using Pi-hole since 2,5 years and really happy with it. I want to thank you all for your great work and this great project. But now to my FR, I´ve read, that a similar FR was opened a little long time ago, but since this thread was opened no german translation was integrated. I want to ask for the current status. I know it´s a hobby and you can´t do all FR at the same time. So I want to help, when it's the time to translate that is missing. My mother tongue is German and I am very good at it. Another idea is the website Crowdin, where others can translate the code for you. I also registered there and help with the German translation in other projects.
Many thanks and a happy new year to you all.
Best Greetings Leon

I'm bumping this...

Now that the CrowdIn page is "abandoned", I want to know what the new location is.
Is it a Weblate, manual translation, or something else?

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There is no new location. We don't have plans nor backend-infrastructure at the moment to implement multi-language support.