Move domains from whitelist to blacklist and vice versa

I'm using pi-hole on our company network for about a year now. We use the default blocklists and the list. I'm overall happy with this setup and we're not frequently whitelisting anymore. Instead we are more frequently disabling whitelist items now and rely on the blocklists to block those again.

However I've been reading some community topics about blocklists recently. I've noticed that on Reddit u/jfb-pihole often advises against using the blocklist because someone else shouldn't decide what we whitelist and what not. From a business perspective, this makes sense.

I would be happy to move current disabled items from our whitelist to the blacklist, but this requires a lot of manually adding domains that already exist in the whitelist.

It would make even more sense the other way around, to move items currently on the blocklist to the whitelist, if necessary.

So I propose a feature to move domains between the whitelist and the blocklist. That way everything can be switched over without manually having to type all domains in both lists again.

I'm not following what you are trying to accomplish here. Can you give an example of a domain that is currently disabled on your whitelist (you are allowing it to be blocked) that you want to move to your blacklist (where you are forcing it to be blocked, regardless of the blocklists you are using).

If you generate a debug log, upload it and post the token this will show me your adlists and domains, and then I can follow along with your reply.

Hi Jfb,

A few examples would be the Windows Telemetry domains. Such as:

Here's the debug log:

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Domains can easily be moved from blacklist to whitelist using the drop-down menu.