Monitoring Pi-hole for uptime with Uptime Kuma

anyone have any tips to integrate Pihole into Uptime Kuma monitoring? I could have it look for a keyword on the pihole status webpage, but it wouldn't be able to tell me if Pihole is logged in or not (because the admin login expires every 7 days), and it would just show me if it was serving a webpage or not.

If you want to know if Pi-hole is working, don't monitor the web admin GUI. Just look at pihole status or make a DNS query to Pi-hole.

You don't need to access the dashboard page to know Pi-hole status.

You can use an API call to know that:


If Pi-hole is running it will return enabled or disabled, depending on the block status. If Pi-hole is not running the call will fail.

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this is amazingly easy. Thank you.