Mobile Game not opening at all with Pihole enabled

Hello there,
I've just installed pihole in a small Dell Wyse 3040 using headless linux.
Everything seams to work great except a specific game in iPhone from company Tricky Tribe.
When I temporary disable the pihole the game opens normally.
How can I whitelist the game somehow?

Debug Token:

Use these tools to determine why your desired content does not load:

But, from your debug log, the iPhone is in client group 5, and the only blocking you have (adlists) is applied to the default group only. So, if the iPhone is seen as a separate client by Pi-hole, there is no blocking applied to this group.

One other unusual item noted in your debug log - you are receiving DNS queries from your public (not your private) IP address. With a Pi-hole properly located on your LAN and no public visibility for port 53, this should not be possible.

   Feb 17 22:48:31 dnsmasq[29074]: query[A] from {your public IP}
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Thanks for your reply, i appreciate it.
The groups thingie was happening on parallel with my original post.
I have added rights to all the groups I need to have one.

Regarding the second part Im completely lost.. can you please help me understand and fix the issue you are describing?

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