Missing image prevents installation

Cannot proceed w/ installing Pi-Hole because of missing image.

On this sites landing page are sets of install steps. Scroll down to "Web Interface" just below "Our Team". There should be a image, big one, but isn't.

If You see the image, it's because it's in your device cache.
Please fix it so everyone whoe didn't cache it can see what it about.
Does it have anything to do with installations? Can you reply to my op with a screen cap good enough to read while we wait for the sites devs to add the image back.

Many thanks
Typing this up Discord points out that " Your topic is similar to..." but it's all in a language I don't speak" I guess I must speak it. Computers are never wrong... :roll_eyes:

I guess you are referring to https://pi-hole.net, which is different from this site https://discourse.pi-hole.net.

Thanks for the heads-up, but a missing image on https://pi-hole.net would not interfere with the actual installation instructions as linked by that page, i.e Docker Install for a dockered Pi-hole or Install Pi-hole for a bare metal install.

I take it you don't have the answer? Are you able to notify the right people?

All the right people are reading this forum. :wink:

Your question was:

The answer is no - as explained:

This means that:

is not an issue, as that missing image would not prevent installation at all - none of the images on that page relates to installation instructions.

For installation instructions, just follow those links on that page, or the identical ones I've repeated above.

You may also want to consult our documentation at https://docs.pi-hole.net, specifically the Getting Started section.

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Dan already fixed the images.