Migrating RPi PiHole installation to different user


I’ve had PiHole running successfully for sometime. It’s installed using the default user pi. I’ve been considering security and would like to setup a new user, run PiHole from that and delete the original user pi.

Is there an easy way to migrate the installation to the new user or do I have to do another installation for the new user?


Pi-hole does not use the pi user. It creates its own user pihole, so there is no need to setup a new user.


OK! I didn’t realise that! I’m hoping to delete or at least lock the Pi user and didn’t want to upset anything else.

Thanks. I’ll have a closer look.


If you are worried about the default user being known you can change the name to something else.

This looks promising: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/12827/change-default-username


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