Memory Usage Pi Hole


Hey there,

Im kinda new to the whole raspberry world - but i like it really much.

Yesterday I installed the pi hole and was wondering today why my memory usasge is always around 80%! Isn´t it to much?

Is there anything how i can check if there are problems? I already tried to disable the logs from the quieries - but it stays the same. After applying the changes the Ram Usage rises until 80% again. I have to mention, that we´re using a o2 Box and i cant setup an DNS Server here - thats why I use the inbuilt fuction from pi-hole. Does this may increas the Ram Usage?

Furthermore it would like to know if there is any chance to block ads on youtube, because it seems to me that this is not working. Do you still use an addblocker in your browser? Actually thats what I wanted to avoid! I already updated the blocklist under settings with some more adresses. Right now I have over 4 Mio. Domains on my blocklist - too much?

And is it normal, that i “only” have around 40 quieries blocked from over 400 total quieries? Thats at least what the dashboard tells me.

As you can see there are probably very basic questions and I really hope you can help me out with that. I read some topics here but its doesnt seem to help me a lot. Sorry.

thank you in advance



Too much. Try the just released 4.2 version which halves the memory usage of the blocklist.

I use about 250K blocking domains and that more than enough.


Thanks for answering! I’ll try to install them. Where can I find them?




pihole -up