Memcached : Load block lists into ram

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This might seem out of field or scope don't know. Is it possible to use memcached for PI-Hole namely the blocklists. I think there might be some mileage to it.

ANother idea as my pi-hole is not used for anything else and on a rpi4 can I cut down the amount of ram for graphical display

Everything is already loaded in to memory, there's really nothing to use an object cache for.

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Ok thanks for that prompt answer dan. Just thought I would float the idea. My apologies. Is there anything wrong with using logtoram to cutdown number of writes to sd card.

Also Is it possible to put on unattended upgrades

It's ineffectual and causes more complexity.

Do not auto update Pi-hole. Ever. You will wake up one morning with a major version change without a backup to go to a previous version.

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okand thanks

You're welcome. And I apologize for being overly abrasive in my replies.

You can disable the logs in Pi-hole if you don't use them. Pi-hole will still log to its database once per minute. That's sixty times per second. Compared to the thousands of I/O operations your operation system does every single second, you can totally ignore Pi-hole's impact on SD card wearing. If they die, they would have died without Pi-hole in about the same time. I use several SD cards in several Pi-hole for several years with non-stop operation without any issues.

There is a technical description by @DL6ER (the inventor of the current memory strategy) somewhere. They describe how the current blacklist in hold in memory as a balanced tree. By this, Pi-hole can insanely fast search through all the domains while they take only a few Megabytes of memory (even with millions of list entries!). Adding some external thing would certainly make it much much slower. They optimize it down almost on the machine level IIRC.

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Accompanying each release, we write thorough release notes describing the new features. You should always read these notes for a release before you decide you want to upgrade. New releases can have significant changes, some of which are not reversible.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Dan never overly abusive you were stating it how it is and I like that direct honesty. Thanks for the B-Tree information will have a good read

Coro haver already done that and thanks.

Jfb I NEVER upgrade on a whim an image is taken before and an image is taken after. I always have a downgrade route to anything I do. I also leave it for a reasonable time before I consider it a success or failure.

Thanks again all