Manually DNS windows, have to manually change DNS every day

so I installed it last weekend and im AMAZED on how well it works (in a Pi Zerow .. i know not ethernet , but i was just testing and works GREAT But... i found an issue and it has NOTHING to do with the PiHole tho. I did not implement it network wide (some issues with the vodafone router and DNSs im still working towards).
The thing is i put the Pihole ip as my laptop and phone dns. Everything is nice on android because the wifi profile is SSID based but on windows, the profile is non existant, so the SAME configuration goes for every connection... so obviously when i get the laptop out of my house, i have to manually change the dns... and type it again when i come back. How did/would you fix this?

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You would set-up the Pi-hole IP in your DHCP server to be handed out to the clients automatically.

On the router that is (if your router is the DHCP server/Hadler).
Then, everything that connects to the network and gets a leased IP, also gets the DNS setting pushed to it.

So all your clients would be set-up as Auto for IP settings on the Network properties.

If your router however (and I fear that this is the case with your device) does not have the ability to push the DNS setting to the clients, you have 2 options:

a. Either set the Pi-hole IP at WAN level (DNS setting), OR b. (recommended) use the Pi-hole DHCP function and disable the DHCP in the router.
When using a., all the queries will show as originating from the router (in the query log on the Pi-hole admin interface) and you won't be able to track who's who doing what.
When using b., you get to see who's requesting what AND your DNS server setting is automatically pushed to the clients.

One thing to keep in mind.

If you're using a secondary DNS (in the router under WAN DNS2), there are chances that queries will bleed through it and hence, bypass the Pi-hole restriction.


ok thanks A LOT!!

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