Manual backup vs Teleporter?

I need to replace storage on my Raspberry Pi and my question is if it's enough to use Teleporter backup/restore or if I manually need to backup/copy files to have as identical setup as current as possible?

Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi OS, Bookworm (lite)
Core vDev (development-v6, 448b1f4d)
FTL vDev (development-v6, db32e4da)
Web interface vDev (development-v6, 78f59dda)

In v6, the Teleporter backup contains all your settings except your query history (it could make the archive several gigabytes otherwise). Restoring should create an identical Pi-hole as the one you have backed up before.
However, v6.o is still in beta phase and I'm not sure how many have actually used the improved Teleporter to backup/restore besides the testing we did internally. Hence, I'd suggest to use Teleporter but - just to be 100% on the safe side - to also create a backup of the entire /etc/pihole directory - just in case you notice something is missing after restoring the Teleporter archive.

We're here and eagerly await your feedback whether everything has worked or if you noticed something missing :slight_smile:

TL;DR: Do both.

I'll come back as soon as I receive my new SSD (moving from SD-card to SSD).

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SSD installed and configured.
As far as I can see is everything transferred correctly with Teleporter backup/restore!
Checked Domains, clients, DHCP range, ... It all looks good and everything is working as supposed!
Thank You!

Nothing copied manually, just Teleporter!

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